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James E. Galford

B.S. 1974; Chief Scientific Advisor at Halliburton

"The skills I developed while earning a physics degree at WVU enabled me to have a successful and rewarding applied science career."

James Galford is currently the Chief Scientific Advisor at Halliburton Energy Services, in Missouri City, TX. He pursued a physics degree at WVU, and is the signed inventor on numerous patents in gamma-ray spectrometry, studying subterranian systems, and other areas.

From Mr. Galford:
I was undecided on a major area of study when I enrolled at WVU, but that changed during my second semester because of the instructional quality I received from an outstanding physics professor. Later on, I was a mentee of other faculty members and those experiences forty-some years ago play a vital role in my job today.

As a WVU physics alumnus, I am pleased to see the faculty's commitment to teaching excellence and student mentoring. This longstanding tradition ensures today's students are well-prepared to enter the workplace or continue onward in academia.