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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

Our department is working to improve and enhance these three aspects of department life for each and every member of the department at all levels and career stages.  In short, “diversity” describes the core belief that productivity and quality are enhanced when people of different background participate, “equity” describes the goal that all members of the department are treated equally and fairly regardless of their background, and “inclusivity” means that people of all backgrounds are welcomed in the department. As of September 2018, we now have a committee designed to spearhead ongoing events and efforts aimed at these three areas of importance. As a department, we have a core belief in the importance of these matters and desire to be a leader in them.

There current members of the DEI committee, who are organizing events, are:
Prof. Kathryn Williamson
Paul Miller
Paul Cassak (chair)

On approximately a monthly basis, we will send a brief email with announcements or resources on matters of DEI. Stay tuned for upcoming material to be added here.