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Frequently Asked Questions regarding funding

1. If a grant application process requires a Pre-proposal and/or “white papers” does this have to be submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs?

NO, unless the Pre-proposal/white paper contains budget information or requires institutional endorsement this does not need to be submitted through OSP.

2. How long before the application deadline should I submit the application to OSP?

The complete and final form of the application should be submitted 10 days prior to the deadline to allow OSP sufficient time to review the application.

3. Electronic Blue Sheet Answers:

  • (No. 27) Financial Administrative Unit for Award: Eberly College of Arts and Science
  • (No. 28) Business Office Award Manager: Viola Baker
  • (No. 29) Facilities and Administrative Return % (primary dept) : this is determined by the number of departments requesting funds-if only Physics is participating the percentage is 100, if the grant application is submitted by more than one department the percentage is allocated to each department as entered.
  • (No. 31) Approval Required: Katie Stores, Associate Dean, and David Lederman, Department Chair

4. What should the name of the applicant organization be?

West Virginia University Research Corporation on behalf of West Virginia University

5. What is the official address on the application?

West Virginia University Research Corporation 886 Chestnut Ridge Road P.O. Box 6845 West Virginia University Morgantown, WV 26506-6845

6. What is the WVU Research Corporation.s federal tax ID number (FEIN)?


7. What is the WVU Research Corporation’s Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number?


8. Who is WVU’s and WVURC’s Cognizant Audit Agency?

United States Department of Health and Human Resources

9. Who is WVU Research Corporation’s Authorizing Representative?

Mr. Alan B. Martin (check for details if needed) Secretary, West Virginia University Research Corporation

10. Further questions?

See the Research Office’s  Proposal Preparation FAQs