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Daniel J. Pisano, Jr.: How a Post-Doc Helped Start a Health Care Boom

Director of Industrial Engagement 
American Physical Society

It was 1976. I had degrees in physics from Columbia University and Yale University and spent three years as a post-doc at Yale and Brookhaven National Laboratory. I had a reasonable number of publications, including one in Nature, that covered nuclear physics, astrophysics, and the spectra of hydrogen-like heavy ions. I had received offers that included NRAO/Green Bank, University of Washington in Seattle, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and a company called EMI. What to do? With my initial success in nuclear physics, I thought for sure that I would spend my career in academia – researching and teaching. This is the story of the choice I made, why I made it, and where it led. As you might guess from the title of this talk, the choice involved something to do with heath care and the growth of an industry.