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Fred Goldberg

"A Faculty Online Learning Community Focused on Student Learning of Physics"

The Next Generation Physical Science and Everyday Thinking (Next Gen PET) curriculum was designed to provide prospective elementary teachers with a substantive experience learning physics in ways consistent with the U.S. Next Generation Science Standards. The curriculum uses a guided-inquiry pedagogy that provides multiple opportunities for students to share their thinking publically and for instructors to follow their students’ ideas and reasoning. As part of a National Science Foundation project to promote educational transformation we have developed a faculty online learning community (FOLC), consisting of approximately 50 members who have committed to using the Next Gen PET curriculum multiple times over the next four years. In this talk I will show some classroom video clips of students discussing physics ideas to illustrate how classroom artifacts like these can provide a context around which members of the FOLC can engage in substantive discussions about student learning.
[Supported, in part, by NSF Grant 1626496]