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Ronald Gamble

Dr. Ronald S. Gamble, Jr. will join the department on April 26, 2023 at 1:30 PM in White Hall G09. His talk is titled General Relativity Decoded: Black Hole Physics Deciphered Using High-Lorentz Relativistic Jets. Continue reading for Dr. Gamble's abstract and biography.

Relativistic jets from active galactic nuclei (AGN) have been of peak interest in the high-energy astrophysics community for their uniquely dynamic nature and incredible radiative power; emanating from supermassive black holes and similarly accreting compact dense objects. An overall consensus on relativistic jet formation states that accelerated outflow at high Lorentz factors are generated by a complex relationship between the accretion disk of the system and the frame-dragging effects of the rotating massive central object. This talk will provide a basis for which circular polarization states, defined using a spin tetrad formalism, contribute to a description for the angular momentum flux in the jet emanating from the central engine. A vierbien representation of the Kerr spacetime is used in formulating the spin tetrad 1-forms. A discussion on unresolved questions in jet formation and how we can use General Relativistic theory to elucidate a solution to some of these questions within black holes physics.


Dr. Ronald S. Gamble, Jr. is an award-winning Theoretical Astrophysicist researching the physics of relativistic jet emission from high-energy active galactic nuclei and their connection to Supermassive Black Holes using General Relativity. He is currently a CRESST-II Visiting Assistant Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland—College Park and also a NASA Cosmic Origins Research Scientist. Accompanying this, Dr. Gamble also has seven years experience in academia teaching and designing physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering, and computational science courses/curricula. His experiences span across multiple industries including higher-education, space, and defense. As a former Postdoctoral Scholar of Theoretical & Mathematical Physics for the National Strategic Research Institute; Dr. Gamble worked within the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s RD-NTE division. He is a DEIA lead for the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA Goddard. He is a recipient of the Royal Astronomical Society’s 2023 Annie Maunder Medal for outreach & public engagement, a NASA ASD Peer Award, and A New Day Foundation’s Heart of Gold award.

He received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics (2017); M.S. in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics (2014) and B.S. in Physics (2012) all from the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. While there he held a HBGI Doctoral Fellowship, completing the first physics-related dissertation at North Carolina A&T State University entitled: On Gravitational Radiation: Nonlinear Wave Theory In A Viscoelastic Kerr-Lambda Spacetime. Dr. Gamble holds professional memberships in the American Astronomical Society, National Society of Black Physicists, National Society of Hispanic Physicists (2009-2012), and the American Physical Society. He is frequently sought after for academic and career motivation and mentoring.

Dr. Gamble is also an established oil/acrylic painter, graphic designer, and illustrator with 15 years of experience.