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Women's Negotiation Skills Seminar by Evangeline Downie

Dr. Evangeline Downie

On March 28, Evie Downie of George Washington University will be giving an APS-sponsored seminar on Womens' Negotiating Skills. All are welcome!

APS Communication and Negotiation Skills Seminar for Women

In every aspect of life and career, negotiation is necessary and unavoidable.   To ensure appropriate terms in negotiating a new position, or addressing challenging behavior by supervisors, peers and others, can be particularly difficult. This seminar is designed to teach you skills and techniques for handling these difficult issues. It will focus on understanding instinctual responses and developing strategies to maximize the potential for a successful outcome in negotiations. While the majority of the skills, strategies and techniques in the seminar will be applicable to all, issues particular to women in negotiation will be covered. The workshop will be delivered in a highly interactive mode: come along prepared to engage, discuss, and help yourself and your colleagues to better communication in challenging situations. 
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