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WVU Plasma and Space Physics Theses and Dissertations

William E. Amatucci
Experimental Observation of Ion-Cyclotron Turbulence in the Presence of Transverse-Velocity Shear
PhD, 1994

Valeriy Gavrishchaka
Collective Phenomena in a Magnetized Plasma with a Field-Aligned Drift and Inhomogeneous Transverse Flow
PhD, 1997

James J. Carroll III
Electrostatic Instabilities Modified by Inhomogeneous Magnetic-Field-Aligned Ion Flow
PhD, 1997

Matthew M. Balkey
Effects of Gap Wdith on EUV Transmission Through Sub-Micron Period, Free-Standing, Transmission Gratings
MS, 1998

John L. Kline
Resonant Ion Heating in a Helicon Plasma
MS, 1998

Paul A. Keiter
Experimental Investigation of Ion Temperature Anisotropy Driven Instabilities in a High Beta Plasma
PhD, 1999

Matthew M. Balkey
Optimization of a Helicon Plasma Source for Maximum Density with Minimal Ion Heating
PhD, 2000

Robert S. Spangler Jr
A Kinetic Treatment of a Perpendicular Gradient in Field-aligned Flow in a Thermally Anisotropic Plasma
MS, 2001

John L. Kline
Slow Wave Ion Heating and Parametric Instabilities in the HELIX Helicon Source
PhD, 2002

Catalin Teodorescu
Investigation of Electrostatic Ion Waves Modified by Parallel-Ion-Velocity Shear
PhD, 2003

Xuan Sun
A Study of Ion Acceleration, Asymmetric Optical Pumping and Low Frequency Waves in Two Expanding Helicon Plasmas
PhD, 2005

Christopher Compton
Propagation of Alfven Waves in the WVU HELIX Device
MS, 2006

Amy M. Keesee
Neutral Density Profiles in Argon Helicon Plasmas
PhD, 2006

Daniela Strele
Effect of C60 Anions on the Potential-relaxation Instability and the Ion Heating of the Inhomogeneous Energy-Density Driven Instability in a Q-machine Plasma (supervised jointly with Prof. R. Schrittwieser, Univ. Innsbruck, Austria)
PhD, 2007

Craig Selcher
Three-dimensional, High-resolution, Computerized Tomographic Imaging of Artificial Ionospheric Cavities
PhD, 2007

Daniel Lewis
Measuring Ion Velocity Distribution Functions in a Compact, Expanding Helicon Plasma
MS, 2008

Sean Finnegan
Stationary Alfvén waves in laboratory and space regimes
PhD, 2008

Robert Hardin
Measurement of Short-Wavelength Electrostatic Fluctuations in a Helicon Plasma Source
PhD, 2008

Ioana Biloiu
Laser Induced Fluorescence studies of ion acceleration in single and multiple species expanding helicon plasma
PhD, 2009

Paul Miller
Nonlinear Dynamics Modulation in a Neon Glow Discharge Plasma
PhD, 2009

Eric Reynolds
Experimental Investigation of Flow-shear Effects in Stable and Unstable Anisotropic Low-beta Plasma
PhD, 2009

Saeid Houshmandyar
Laboratory Investigations of Alfvén Waves in a High Power Helicon Plasma with Density Gradients
PhD, 2010

Saikat Chakraborty Thakur
Understanding Plasmas through Ion Velocity Distribution Function Measurements
PhD, 2010

Matthew E. Galante
Two-Photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Neutral Density in Helicon Plasma
PhD, 2013

Jerry Carr Jr.
Laser Induced Fluorescence Studies of Electrostatic Double Layers in an Expanding Helicon Plasma
PhD, 2013

Michael Lindon
CO2 Dissociation using the Versatile Atmospheric Dielectric Barrier Discharge Experiment (VADER)
PhD, 2014

Justin Elfritz
Ion Temperatures in Earth's Inner Magnetosphere: Ring Current Dynamics, Transient Effects, and Data-Model Comparisons
PhD, 2014

Luke Shepherd
A Study of Magnetic Reconnection: From 2D Energy Release to 3D Spreading and Localization
PhD, 2014

Stephanie Sears
Alfven Wave Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Plasma
PhD, 2014

Dustin McCarren
Continuous Wave Ring-Down Spectroscopy for Velocity Distribution Measurements in Plasma
PhD, 2014

Colin Komar
The Nature of Magnetic Reconnection at the Dayside Magnetopause
PhD, 2015

Matthew Beidler
Theory and Simulations of Incomplete Reconnection During Sawteeth Due to Diamagnetic Effects
PhD, 2015

Jeff Walker
Fine-Particle Charging-Rate-Limit Modification to Grain Dynamics in Abrupt and Gradual Inhomogeneities
PhD, 2015

Drew Elliott
Two Photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence for Fusion Class Plasmas
PhD, 2016

Evan Aquirre
Spontaneous Formation of Ion Holes and Ion Beams in Expanding Plasmas
PhD, 2017

Derek Thompson
Three-Dimensional Multispecies Distribution Functions in a Plasma Boundary with an Oblique Magnetic Field
PhD, 2018

Bruce Tepke
Empirical Studies Relating to Controversies on Geomagnetic Storms
PhD, 2019