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WVU Plasma and Space Physics Internal Reports

PLP-039, Study of the Different Line Broadening Mechanisms for the Laser Induced Fluorescence Diagnostic of the HELIX and LEIA Plasmas, by R. F. Boivin

PLP-045, Mean Optical Depth and Optical Escape Factor for Helium Transitions in Helicon Plasmas, by R.F. Boivin

PLP-046, Basic Spectroscopy for the HELIX and LEIA Plasma Devices, by R.F. Boivin

PLP-047, First order perturbed velocity distribution theory and measurement, by John Kline, Christian Franck and Robert Spangler

PLP-050, Zeeman Splitting for LIF Transitions and De-Convolution Techniques to Extract Ion Temperatures, by R. F. Boivin

PLP-051, MD8 Diaphragm Pump Repair, by S. Sears

PLP-052, Matisse Dye Laser Alignment, by S. Sears

PLP-053, HELIX-LEIA Pump Down Procedures, by S. Sears