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Congratulations, Will Armentrout!

William Armentrout won the Office of Graduate Education and Life’s
annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition, in which 12 doctoral students
from across the University competed.  Will's talk was titled  “A
User’s Guide to Mapping Our Galaxy Far, Far Away.”  He is advised by
Loren Anderson.  As part of Will's dissertation, he has conducted
numerous surveys of Milky Way HII regions, the ionized nebulae
surrounding massive stars.  During the course of these surveys, he
discovered a population of extremely distant star formation regions at
the edge of the Galaxy.  Will has led numerous followup observations
to characterize this distant population with telescopes around the
world, including the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii, the Large
Magellanic Telescope in Mexico, the Very Large Array in New Mexico,
and the Green Bank Telescope here in West Virginia.  He will defend
his thesis this summer before beginning a postdoctoral position at the
Green Bank Observatory.
Congratulations, Will Armentrout!