Department News

Student Comings and Goings

The department is pleased to welcome our new class of 13 first year graduate students, four of who are on university fellowships:  Aleksandra Abova-Volkova, Joseph Benigno, Victoria Blackmon (DuBois Graduate Fellowship), Graham Doskoch (University Provost Fellowship), William Eshbaugh, Joe Kulikowski, Tyler Matheny, Amanda Nemeth (University Provost Fellowship), John Pace (STEM Fellowship), Hasith Perara, Andres Tellez Mora, and Braden Warr.  This cohort is working in all our research areas and comes from Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Finland, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and, of course, West Virginia. 

Physics Professor Duncan Lorimer named Associate Dean for External Research and Development

Stepping down from his role as associate chair of the physics department, Duncan Lorimer has now been named Associate Dean for External Research and Development! He will take up this role from Spring 2019. You can read further about his appointment here:

2018 Physics Nobel Illuminates us with “Tools made of light”

 Article by physics Professor Alan Bristow

American Association of Physics Teachers Appalachian Section Meeting 2018

The American Association of Physics Teachers will be holding its 2018 Appalachian Section Meeting at the department of Physics and Astronomy from 12-13 October this year. To register or read about this event, please follow this link. 

A Triple Star System: Putting Gravity to the Test

WVU professor Duncan Lorimer, along with an international team of astronomers, have used a triple star system consisting of a neutron star and two white dwarfs to test Einstein's age-old theory of gravity, general relativity. Read the full article here:

Yet again, Einstein's theory passes the test with flying colors