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Meet Our Students and Alumni

Our students are driven to be successful and channel that energy into the many opportunities available to them — internships, organizations, and more. Best of all? They do it while being supported by our top-tier faculty.

Physics, Ph.D.

Anna "Annie Kate" Turner

“West Virginia University has cutting-edge research opportunities for students. My research has sent me around the world to share my work and meet with leading experts in my field.”

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Physics, Ph.D.

Patrick (Zhi Gu) Li

"My favorite things about this department are definitely the professors and staff. Everyone is so supportive, which makes the department a warm and welcoming place."

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Class of 2026

Morrigan Passey

“The research at WVU has been amazing. I truly have enjoyed every second of it.”

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Physics, Ph.D.

Ankit Poudel

"As someone deeply interested in laser physics and quantum optics, I've had the excited opportunity to engage in hands-on lab work, exploring and discovering new facets of these fascinating areas.”

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Class of 2026

Aidan Sheppard

"I came to West Virginia University not knowing what kind of research I wanted to do. Here, I have been able to see different research groups, determine what kind of research I want to do, and get relevant experience for graduate school."

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Physics, Ph.D.

Jackson Taylor

“Though my time at WVU has been brief, I'm confident that I'll have not just the freedom but also the resources to pursue the questions that bother me the most.”

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Class of 2027

Caden Ginter

“As long as there are new things to discover about our world, I will hunt for them.”

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Physics, Ph.D.

Reshma Anna-Thomas

“My research experience at West Virginia University has been transformative. I learned to think beyond textbooks, and working with giant datasets to answer fundamental questions about the Universe has been mesmerizing.”

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Physics, Ph.D.

Elaine Christman

"I firmly believe that physics is for everyone ... We do work at WVU on methods to assess how well physics classes are functioning for the full range of learners, including those with no prior physics background."

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