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Meet Our Students, Faculty, and Staff

Meet the people at the heart of the Department of Physics — where a diverse and accomplished community of scholars, students, and professionals thrive.

Photo of Maura McLaughlin — internationally renowned astrophysicist and WVU Eberly Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy — as she talks about her research at the WVU Planetarium.

In the Spotlight

Our students are driven to be successful and channel that energy into the many opportunities available to them — internships, organizations, and more. Best of all? They do it while being supported by our top-tier faculty.

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Faculty and Staff Directory

Through a collaborative and student-centered approach, our faculty and staff strive to empower students, foster academic success, and involved them in research.

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Graduate Student Directory

Meet the dedicated graduate students, researchers, teaching assistants and fellows who make significant contributions to the Department of Physics.

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