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Welcome from the Leadership

Our Department provides undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to understand how the world around us works on scales ranging from subatomic particles to distant galaxies.

Undergraduate Students in Physics learn the basic rules that govern all natural phenomena. They also learn to apply these rules across a variety of scales and for multiple applications. Most importantly, they learn how to think critically and approach problems using an analytical framework. These skills make them sought after by graduate programs in the sciences, engineering, law and medicine, as high-school and college instructors, and also by industries ranging from data science to medical devices to manufacturing.

Our Graduate Students benefit from an environment in which they gain a deep understanding of physics at the most advanced levels and also specialize through elective courses with professors who are world leaders in their fields.  Students collaborate with faculty to develop innovative research projects in astronomy, condensed matter physics, plasma physics, and physics education research, and go on to successful careers in academia, teaching, and industry.

We welcome students to learn about our universe and the laws that govern it. We seek to foster diversity and provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. Our faculty and staff encourage questions and we are all committed to your success.

Dr. Maura McLaughlin, Department Chair

Department Leadership

Maura McLaughlin

Chair; Eberly Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy

White Hall, Room G59

Alan Bristow

Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and Research; Professor

White Hall, Room 439 | Ultrafast Nanophotonics Group

Paul M. Miller

Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies and Academics; Teaching Professor

White Hall, Room 209