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Alumni Career Profiles

Below are a few examples of WVU Physics & Astronomy Department alum whose degrees launched them into successful careers. For broader statistics on post-degree career trajectories for those who study physics and astronomy, be sure to visit the American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center.

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  • Scott K. Cushing

    B.S. 2011, Ph.D. 2018; Assistant Professor at California Institute of Technology

    "Being at WVU from my undergraduate through Ph.D. gave me the freedom to explore multiple research topics without boundaries. The tight knit research community taught me many fields I would have never had access to while forming lifelong friendships."

  • James E. Galford

    B.S. 1974; Chief Scientific Advisor at Halliburton

    "The skills I developed while earning a physics degree at WVU enabled me to have a successful and rewarding applied science career."

  • Rachel Henderson

    Ph.D. 2018; Assistant Professor at Michigan State University

    "I’m a physics education researcher who studies instructional pedagogies and assessment tools that can be used for improving learning for all students. As a member of the broader physics community, I’m committed to providing fair and effective educational practices in order to increase the representation of women and other historically marginalized groups within the field of physics."

  • Gary Lander

    Ph.D. 2022; Experimental Physicist and Optical Engineer at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

    "WVU provided the environment and tools necessary for me to be able to walk into a national lab after graduate school and have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to immediately start contributing to the projects that I was assigned."

  • Ratna Naik

    Ph.D. 1982; Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Academic Personnel & Professor of Physics, Wayne State University

    "It is an honor to be part of WVU physics."

  • Brent Shapiro-Albert

    Ph.D. 2021; Science Writer and Community Advocate for Universe Sandbox

    "I'm using the skills I learned in graduate school to make astronomy and physics more accessible, engaging, and fun for people of all ages through a unique and interactive platform."

  • Kimberly A. Weaver

    B.S. 1987; Astrophysicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center