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Student Organizations

There are many opportunities to get connected through the organizations supported by our department and the university.

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mikel "Micky" Holcomb
The WVU SPS is a chapter of the nationwide SPS, sponsored by the American Institute of Physics. We strive to build a community of students interested in physics, working together to provide academic support, public outreach, and professional development to our Chapter members and the WVU community. Membership is open to any full-time WVU student. Meetings are held biweekly (dates forthcoming). Interested in joining? Feel free to join via WVU Engage or hop into our physics discussion in our Discord server or Slack channel!

Astronomy Club

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Jason E. Ybarra
The Astronomy Club is for all who are interested in learning more and discussing topics regarding space, telescopes, physics, rocketry, planets, stars, and any other celestial system. We are laid back with no dues necessary. Meetings are held bi-weekly (dates forthcoming). Join our Slack channel!

Quantum Computing Club

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edward Flagg
The Quantum Computing Club is for those interested in or looking to learn more about the field. Quantum computing revolves around the programming of quantum computers where are highly powerful and able to solve complex problems that regular computers either cannot solve, or would take years to solve. Read more about us in the DA!