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Caden Ginter

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Class of 2027

“As long as there are new things to discover about our world, I will hunt for them.”

Hometown: Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Hobbies: Learning about and experimenting with new computer languages and techniques, and hiking.

One interesting fact: I built a simple particle simulation on a Raspberry Pi.

Q&A with Caden

  • What are your favorite things about the department?
    • The department houses so many devoted learners, and I very consistently find myself discovering new things just by talking to people.
  • What do you think is the most interesting thing about your research?
    • I am constantly surprised by the solutions to my problems; I find that the best way to improve my technique is not always the most obvious.
  • Why did you want to pursue physics?
    • My high school physics class went beyond mechanics into optics and electricity. I found this to be very engaging because I enjoy being creative about solving problems using math.
  • Why did you choose West Virginia University?
    • The Department of Physics and Astronomy specializes in several aspects of physics that I am interested in.
  • How have your professors and/or staff helped you be successful?
    • My professors have consistently demonstrated that research is a welcoming and inviting opportunity.
  • What advice would you give to an incoming student?
    • If you reach out and build a network early, you set yourself up to take full advantage of the opportunities available as a member of the University.

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