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Graduate Students

Do you have questions about the WVU Physics and Astronomy graduate program?  If so, please reach out to us at

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers Masters of Science (M.S.) and  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. Both degree programs provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals as well as a diverse range of specializations for  research. In addition to working with Physics faculty in these research areas, graduate students have worked with faculty in a range of other departments at WVU.

Contact the Chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee at to make arrangements for a visit.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is committed to diversity in our graduate student population and fairness in our graduate admissions process. We have recently dropped our Physics GRE requirement due to evidence that these scores are poor predictors of student success in graduate school, and strongly correlated with other factors such as gender and race.

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