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Greg Riggs

Greg Riggs

Graduate Research Assistant

Categorized As

Plasma & Space Physics

Greg is a proud father and 6th-year graduate student, working with Dr. Mark Koepke

His research interests include nonlinear wave-wave and wave-particle interactions, higher-order spectral analysis, and magnetically-confined fusion. 

Specifically, his work strives to identify and characterize nonlinear interactions between various fluctuations in tokamaks and/or stellarators. Of particular note are toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes (TAE), which are routinely driven unstable by populations of energetic particles, and whose mitigation is crucial to the successful confinement of fast ions. 

He regularly uses time-resolved bicoherence analysis to deduce relationships between the frequencies and phases of these waves, and has developed software packages in Matlab, Python, and C++ to these ends.

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