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Typical Plans of Study

The typical plans of study for the BS and BA can be found on the following pages. Note that course 212 has now been replaced with 312; the catalog listing is in the process of being updated. 
The BA is typically for students who pursue careers in physics and astronomy that are not centered around performing research or industrial applications, such as those interested in science policy, science journalism, etc. 

The BS is for students who pursue careers in research and/or industry.  There are a number of "Areas of Emphasis" (AoE) that you can choose from to prepare you for your career of choice.  The "Professional Preparation" AoE is for students who want to go to graduate school to pursue a research career.  The "Physics Teaching" AoE is to pursue a career in physics teaching.  All of the other AoEs (Applied Physics, Biophysics, Computational Physics, Materials Science, Medical Physics, and Space Physics) are designed to prepare you to enter the industrial workforce upon graduation.

All undergraduates are assigned a faculty adviser to answer questions you have and help guide you through the program.  Questions?  Email us at