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Loren Anderson

Associate Professor



Dr. Anderson earned his PhD from Boston University in 2009.


Dr. Anderson’s research focuses on Galactic HII regions, the zones of ionized gas surrounding young massive stars. HII regions are one of the primary mechanisms that inject energy into the Galaxy. They are relatively rare but have a large impact on their surroundings.

Among other projects, Loren created the most complete catalog of Galactic regions using WISEtelescope data, and is using this catalog to tracer global massive star formation in our Galaxy. He is following up objects in this catalog with radio observations in the HII Region Discovery Survey, using the GBT, Arecibo, the VLA, and the ATCA.

Dr. Anderson comes to WVU by way of Marseille, France, where he spent two years working on data from the Herschel Space Observatory.

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