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Wathiq Abdul-Razzaq

Professor; Director, Introductory Physics Curriculum


I have had research activities in diverse areas including studies of magnetic and transport properties of thin films and multilayers, studies of magnetic nanoparticles, and applied studies related to health and environment. Currently my research is focusing on electrosmog, geomagnetism and education.

I am also the director of Introductory Physics Curriculum. I have the challenging job of participating in improving the introductory physics education at West Virginia University.

Selected Publications

  1. The Effect of Cell Phone Signal in the Near-Field Region, W. Abdul-Razzaq and Bilal Rana, International Journal of Health Research and Innovation, 6, 2, P 1-6 (2018).

  2. Faraday’s Principle and Air Travel in The Introductory Labs, W. Abdul-Razzaq and S. C. Thakur, Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 10, 3, 189 (2017).

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