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Astronomy Demos

Click on any link in order to view the demonstration with an instructional video. Additionally, there are procedure/activity plans listed for some of the demonstrations below. If you have an idea for an activity plan, download the demonstration template from the navigation panel, fill it out and email it to

Celestial Spheres

Constellations and asterisms are shown on a plastic sphere that has solar system objects inside. This gives a different perspective to viewing the universe.

Doppler Effect

Bluetooth speaker that will play frequency that is swung around your head to demonstrate the shift in sound when the speaker is approaching you or moving away from you.

Earth Moon Model

Several Earth-moon/solar system models


Demo to show how lunar and solar eclipses work and how sensitive they are to positioning.

Gravitational Waves 1: Mini LIGO

A miniture version of LIGO in order to demonstrate how gravitational waves are detected.

Gravitational Waves 2

Transparencies to show the shape of gravitational waves.

Greenhouse Effect

Illustration of greenhouse effect using infrared camera.

Heat Shielding

Heat shielding used on space crafts. Hold dial thermometer to back (white side) if shielding, and heat up the front (black side) and observe that the back does not heat up at all--showing the effectiveness of the heat shielding.

CAUTION: Open flame.

Hoberman Sphere

Hoberman sphere can show angular momentum, expansion, receding velocities, and many more. Can be used and tossed or hung from ring stand.

Milky Way Galaxy 

A model of Milky Way Galaxy where our solar system resides.

Moon Phases

Moon phase model allows you to view every phase of the moon. The demonstration allows you to observe the changing phase by rotating the model or your head.


Model of pulsar. Rotates and lights up two adjustable spots.

RGB Filters

Red, green, and blue light filters are available to observe how different astronomical bodies look through these different lenses.

Rocket Bike

Modified fire extinguisher attached to bike. When extinguisher expels gas, the bike is pushed forward.

CAUTION: Contents under pressure should not be directed towards audience.

Rocket Propulsion

CO2 cartridge is placed in this apparatus and when the cartridge is pierced, the the thrust makes the arms spin.

Spacetime: Expansion

Model galaxies attached to elastic arms in order to demonstrate expansion of spacetime. Multiple galaxies on each arm demonstrates acceleration of expansion further from observation point.

Spacetime: Gravity and Gravitational Waves

Spandex stretched over ring can be used to demonstrate gravity. Orbit can be demonstrated using a heavy bowling ball and smaller marbles and gravitational waves can be demonstrated using a modified drill.

Spectral Lines

Variety of element tubes and gratings are supplied. When students look through gratings, only certain lines appear depending on the element tube.


4-inch telescope demonstration for how a telescope focuses light and how and eyepiece works.